#Hope4Kiska: Let's Rename "Marineland PKWY" to "Kiska BLVD"

#Hope4Kiska: Let's Rename "Marineland PKWY" to "Kiska BLVD"

July 18, 2022
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Bill Matson (City Clerk) and 9 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sabrina Hill

The undersigned residents, individuals, and organizations and I respectfully request that the City of Niagara Falls consider our petition to change the name of “Marineland Parkway” to a name more befitting of the current vision, mission, and values the city reflects.

➜ We ask that the City of Niagara Falls consider renaming this stretch of road to "Kiska Boulevard" in honour of Kiska, the orca whale that has been residing at Marineland for nearly 40 years and in solitary confinement since 2011.

Street names may be selected for many reasons, sometimes to honour local or national historical figures that drive the local economy. We feel that, in this case, changing the name to “Kiska Boulevard” reflects the city’s progressive attitudes and beliefs and is more in line with how society now sees holding captive and commodifying these beautiful, intelligent, and social sea mammals for entertainment purposes.

➜ Perhaps in recognition of a lifelong resident such as Kiska and her “substantial and outstanding positive contribution to Niagara Falls,” we consider naming this stretch of road in honour of her.

The drive to change the name of this particular road isn’t about punishing a business or erasing the past but instead reflecting hope. Hope for a society that honours, values, and remembers the lives of Kiska; Larry the harbour seal; Sonar, Lida, Marina, Echo and Tsu, five dolphins held captive; Skoot, a baby beluga that tragically died, in part due to understaffing; and Baker and Sandy, two sea lions that experienced longstanding suffering and vision problems due to their captivity.

As the gateway to Canada, Niagara Falls is more than just a municipality; it’s a community that prides itself on openness, history and tradition, inclusion, and diversity. That pride is best reflected in how it presents itself to the millions that visit each year. In celebrating the achievements and development of the city, Niagara Falls should never lose sight of the present while also focusing on the future.

➜ It’s time that Niagara evolves with the prevailing attitudes of most Canadians on confining intelligent sea mammals purely for entertainment.

We hope that the City of Niagara Falls carefully considers our request to change the name from its unpropitious and outdated name, “Marineland Parkway,” to something more aspirational and progressive.


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Signatures: 89Next Goal: 100
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Decision Makers

  • Bill MatsonCity Clerk
  • Jim DiodatiMayor, The City of Niagara Falls
  • Wayne CampbellCouncillor, The City of Niagara Falls
  • Chris DabrowskiCouncillor, The City of Niagara Falls
  • Carolynn IoannoniCouncillor, The City of Niagara Falls