Save Hudson Maxim For Our Town!

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brittany slack
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On Decmeber 17th, with a 9-0 vote, the decision was made to close Hudson Maxim School and sell it off.

While this decision is final, we believe there is still an opportunity to save this building, and turn it into both a community center and a museum.

The original building "The Hopatcong School" was opened in 1908 on the site of the old Sanford farm in the Riverstyx section of our town. In 1920 it was named in honor of Hudson Maxim, and has held that name since. In 1955 It was renovated and enlarged, and has continued to educate our town's children for over a century.

In a world where we seem to forget history far too often, we think it is time to do two things:

1. Work with the town council to have the town buy the building or sell it to another party for the purpose of creating a community center in the new Riverstyx Development Zone.

2. Work to create an incredible home for the Hoaptcong Historical Museum.

We respectfully ask that the town do whatever is needed to make this a reality. Our town is steeped in amazing history and culture, and we have the opportunity to move that forward with a shared vision for future generations to come.

We have the opportunity to create a space for our citizens of all ages to come and gather. For our upcoming chamber of commerce to be part of. For our children to learn about what came before then and what will come after. 

Let's embrace this opportunity together and as a community.