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In 1925 the nationally acclaimed Olmstead Brothers architects included Shades Mountain in their plan of proposed parks for Birmingham and the surrounding area. The steep Southern Appalachian mountain forest on the northwest slope of Shades Mountain is the largest remaining undeveloped urban forest in Jefferson County. This area contains the county's most spectacular continuous flyway for many rare birds and home to many wild animals. The forest cover saves the county an estimated $1.5 million per year in averted air pollution and storm water runoff. The forest cover helps protect Shades Creek from pollution.

Letter to
Hoover City Council Brian Skelton
Hoover City Council John Natter
Hoover City Council Gene Smith
and 5 others
President, Hoover City Council Jack Wright
Hoover City Council Trey Lott
Mayor, City of Hoover Gary Ivey
Hoover City Council John Lyda (Hoover City Council)
Hoover City Council John Greene (Hoover City Council)
Please keep Shades Mountain in its natural state. No more development please!