Use-of-force Policies in Hood River, Oregon

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Throughout our nation, communities of color have been disproportionately affected by current policing systems. In the last few weeks, not one, but two African Americans have been murdered by police officers, George Floyd in Minneapolis, and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. And although Hood River has not experienced this level of police violence in recent history, it is vital for us to implement policies that can help prevent such acts of brutality. 

The people of Hood River demand that our City Council, Board of Commissioners, Police Department, and Sheriff’s Department immediately take action to implement use-of-force policies that can save lives. Campaign Zero, a data-driven organization aimed at ending police brutality, has identified 8 quick policy solutions that align with this goal. You can visit or check out the document below to learn more about these use-of-force policies, but at a glance, they are:
1. Ban chokeholds and strangleholds
2. Require de-escalation
3. Require warning before shooting
4. Exhaust all other means before shooting
5. Duty to intervene
6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles
7. Require use-of-force continuum
8. Require comprehensive reporting

These are reasonable, concrete, and actionable steps that Hood River can take right now in order to protect and serve our community; however, it's only the beginning. These policies are the bare minimum, first steps in preventing any police violence in Hood River. In order for any of these policies to actually stop people of color from being murdered, they must not only be adopted but also practiced. Ignored policies that look good on paper can do just as much damage as a lack of policy altogether. Culpable police officers must be held accountable if they breach any of these eight policies. Swift and strict consequences should face officers who do not abide by these policies because the safety of our communities of color is of top priority. We now call our local lawmakers to enact these first steps so we can begin to create a safer Hood River for everyone, no matter race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or religion.

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