Urgently requesting the QLD Attorney General revoke bail of Dan Shearin / Jayden Moorea

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I request the Attorney General, Hon Yvette D’Ath, to urgently review the decision of Justice Debra Mullins made on 4th February 2019, to grant bail to Dan Shearin / Jayden Moorea.

Shearin/ Moorea has been charged with multiple offences including the murder of Breeana  Robinson in 2013. It has taken Breeana’s  family six years of tireless effort to see Shearin / Moorea charged with her murder. There are also other charges before the court in relation to the death of Breeana. Shearin/ Moorea also has nine stalking charges against him. It is alleged  he stalked nine different women by sending them threatening, abusive and degrading text messages and parked his car outside victims homes. All serious offences against women.

In opposing bail, DPP put forward that Shearin / Moorea was a flight risk, could reoffend  and interfere with witnesses. Justice Mullins rejected those concerns and granted  bail with several conditions. He is to surrender his passport, report to police, adhere to a curfew,  wear an electronic bracelet, not go on social media and inform police if he commences a sexual relationship. Surely these conditions are a strong indication of a high level of dangerous.

I have now learnt that he was released without the tracking device fitted.

The protection of victims,  their families, witnesses and the broader   community requires you to urgently review the decision to release Shearin / Moorea

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