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Honourable Terry Lake (Ministry of Health): Provide a facility for people affected with FASD and addictions

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To date there are no facilities anywhere in B.C. that can treat people that are affected with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder(Fasd).This is the only disability where there are no treatment centers to help and support those in need.Fasd is a disabilty that occurs when a  woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy. The result on the child is that they are born with a brain that is not totally developed.

Fasd syptoms vary greatly ,but some of the main challenges are that the child does not have the ability to understand most things we all take for granted.Some of the challenges they face are memory problems,slower pace of understanding,thinking and listening,difficulty forming associations and predicting outcomes.

Because of their disability they feel very alone and misunderstood,and do to the lack of support, they often turn to an addiction to help them cope in a world where they are not understood.

My wife and I have been trying to get support in place for our daughter who has suffered with fasd,only to be met with roadblocks and empty promises from a system that has very little understanding of how to best support her.

We have encountered challenges that have put all of us through a nightmare that never seems to end. As a result of a 2 year struggle I have been off work on stress leave for a year , while I watch my daughter fall deeper and deeper into hoplessness.I am not sure how much more she can endure and I am pleading with you to please help to make the Government and it's Agency CLBC to be accountable and do what they are mandated to do. To help those with a disability have a chance to live a full happy life.

The Following is an exact letter I recieved from a young lady who has FASD and shared her insight into her disability. I am posting this in the hope that her words will inspire you to take action . Her words and courage must be responded to and we all must act to help. She has inspired me and it is my hope that she will also inspire you....

First off I 'm very glad that people just like me is getting an opportunity to get my voice heard, and able to make others more aware of what its like to live in this world while having to live with the struggle and needs of F.A.S. Sometimes it can be very difficult to make others understand exactly what it is that we have to face everyday Because of the lack of knowledge and awarness alot of us such as myself are lead and get into the desease of addicition It turns into a downwards spiral to emptyness, loniness and despair. A world that without help, some support and understanding can leave alot of us lost in that dark place for a very long time.Even though we have some difficulties, we also have gifts that in some are amazing.But in order for us to be able to be heard there needs to be a facility expecially for adults and children who live with F.A.S. and the kind of people with kindness and compassion people who are sensitive to our needs and are understanding. If we had that it would save so many lives, help so many broken desparte parents and familys as well. And people who have been able to suceed and come out of that darkness ,would be exceedingly willing to help anyway I can as a mentor, a light for what we can be and for things we can be. There is a strength in everyone of us to do better and be happy and suceed. Please don't let this go bye. We desperatly need to be found. I myself want to do all I can to help this tragety of hopless parents and youth. And I hope very much that you can to. Thank you Nicole

Unfortunately we live in a world where one voice calling attention to a moral injustice especially when it comes to Government ,doesn't have the effect that it used to,so it is with this in mind, that I am asking for you to help all the people affected with Fasd,that suffer in silence,please unite and get them the support they so desperately require

Thank you..


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