Only Civilian Supremacy can structure and promote true democracy in Pakistan.

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The democratic journey of Pakistan has been often derailed by imposition of martial law by heads of Pakistan military.  Many a times the head of army has violated his oath and abrogated and suspended constitution by imposing martial law. The judiciary which is essentially the custodian of constitution has accorded legitimacy to extra judicial acts of military dictators in the past. The evolution and sustenance of democracy in Pakistan is cornered on the pillars of constitutional arrangements based on the civilian supremacy. The military and judiciary as institution should come clean about their blemished past and redeem them  through unconditional apology to the nation within the highest democratic institution of the country: the Parliament of Pakistan.

I demand that the head of Pakistan Army should be asked to condemn the past acts of military generals who abrogated or  suspended constitution of the country or overthrew the democratically elected National Assembly of Pakistan . I demand that the honorable army chief should issue formal apology to nation through the meeting of corps commanders. The honorable judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan should convene a full court reference whereby top judiciary of the country condemns the actions of their predecessors and pledge never to approve extra-constitutional measures in the future.  There should be pledges by the heads of both institutions that they will protect and uphold the constitution of the country and honor the civilian supremacy. The training regime for the officers of all branches of the Pakistan militarily in their respective academies must be redesigned in a manner which gives utmost respect to the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan country and the supremacy of the civilian democratic government. 

It is pertinent to keep in view that individuals come and go but it's the institutions that remain.  Such redemption through formal apology to the national will change the culture of Pakistan Army and instill the concept of democracy and civilian supremacy the minds of generals.  Such a redemption is for the institutions and no individual is target of such democratic request so that the institution of democracy and civilian supremacy can take deep roots in Pakistan.