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Honourable Steve Thomson, BC Minister of Forest/Lands/NaturalResources: Ban the use of all leg-hold traps.

Trapping is an inherently violent practice that is as unnecessary as it is cruel.

All leg hold traps are designed to hold a wild animal who does not want to be caught. As such, many animals die trying to free themselves, as well as from dehydration, blood loss and hypothermia. Many animals become so desperate, they resort to chewing or wringing off their own trapped limb in order to escape, breaking teeth and bones in the process.

In British Columbia, it is legal to set a leg-hold trap just 200 metres from a dwelling including a home or school. Over the past few years, our organization has seen an increase in the number of pets (particularly dogs) caught in these cruel devices.

In an effort to hold BC to higher animal welfare standards, and to protect the public and their pets, these devices must be prohibited.


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    Honourable Steve Thomson

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