Stop Tay’s Way spreading AntiVax lies in Samoa - NO PREVENTABLE sickness, disease & deaths

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In June 2019, Taylor Winterstein (Tay’s Way) is planning on presenting a workshop in Apia, Samoa, on Anti-Vax premise that vaccines are bad, cause Autism, and should not be used. 

History and Science tell us that vaccines are the world’s most powerful tool in combatting PREVENTABLE sicknesses, PREVENTABLE diseases, and PREVENTABLE deaths. 

Apia, and WS do not need a huge drop in vaccination rates because of this type of pseudoscience fear-mongering. 

Whst the Samoan government need to do, is block these workshops in Apia (or any other place) friends m happening in the first place. 

We ask the Samoan government, in the interests of public health and international tourism - say NO to PREVENTABLE sicknesses, PREVENTABLE diseases and PREVENTABLE deaths. 

It is more cost effective from a public health perspective, to react to, contain and try to combat viral epidemics before they begin. The message is clear from Taylor Winterstein. This message of Taylor Winterstein, will break down many public health initiatives in WS, by promoting irrational and pseudoscientific fear, and a culture of loathing, first at the Samoan health officials, then at every attempt by the government to get back to where we are today. 

Please, deny Taylor Winterstein access to Apia in June 2019, and stop the fear of vaccines, and modern medicine. Taylor has NO public health qualifications. Taylor has NO medical science qualifications. Taylor has NO epidemiological qualifications. 

Taylor is simply an unqualified AntiVax pseudoscience fanatic without any concept of the science behind vaccines and vaccinations. 

You know what you have to do. Deny Taylor entry to Samoa to spread Fake News, that will only cost the public health and government more money in the long run. 

Rod Cook, Biomedical scientist, Medical scientist, Research scientist.