Ban PUBG in India (with reason)

Ban PUBG in India (with reason)

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Aum Patil started this petition to Honourable Prime Minister of India (Shri. Narendra Modi)

Please be patient. Thank you. On 29th June, our government banned 59 Chinese mobile phone applications from the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. A famous name is TikTok. I accept that many GENUINE TikTok creators have lost an important platform to share their content with the world, but we should also remember that this was a very crucial step considering the border tensions between us and China. I think it is a good time to realize that sometimes we need to sacrifice our luxuries for the COLLECTIVE GOOD.

Getting to the point, I have started a petition to ban PUBG in our country, along with other apps as discussed above. Now wait, I have 2 solid reasons to convince you to sign this petition. So please read everything before coming to a conclusive point:


  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a computer game developed by Bluehole Studios (a Korean company), today also known as Krafton Inc. Tencent Games is the largest publisher of video games in China. Tencent published PUBG and purchased equity in Bluehole. As of 2018, Tencent holds almost about 12% stake in Bluehole.
  • PUBG gained worldwide popularity rapidly. Tencent earnt more than 1.3 billion dollars (more than 65 thousand crore rupees) from PUBG Mobile alone, in 2019.
  • Considering the huge amount of people indulging in playing this video game every DAY, and Tencent’s weighty stake, PUBG makes a significant contribution to China’s pocket. Ironically, India is one of the top users of this game!

Take a moment and realize that this very money earnt appears as bullets and ammunition on the borderlines against our brave soldiers… It no longer remains a WANT, but it now becomes our DUTY to not contribute a single rupee to the Chinese economy in direct or indirect form.


  • The magnitude of the impact of this video game on the young people of our country is HUGE. This game is extremely addictive. People falling in the age group 15 to 25 are especially vulnerable. Teenagers spend several hours of their day in mindless gaming. They forget their health, their surroundings, their family, their studies… everything!
  • If you use the Internet for constructive purposes, you must be aware by now that our country is going to become the world’s leading economy in the near future. And that is sure to happen. For those of you who don’t know, according to demographic statistics, our country is expected to produce a large amount of working population in the future, which is going to drive our development at an exceptionally high rate. BUT, today’s YOUTH is tomorrow’s working population! I see these games as an attempt to target our future growth-creators. A well planned scheme to slow down our development. Instead of studying hard, acquiring skills and technical know-how, gaining expertise, these games are distracting us, making us WANT to kill the most productive time of our lives.

This game has made such a strong place for itself in our minds that when anyone tries to say anything about banning PUBG, some people start (cyber)bullying and “roasting” the initiator. Yesterday, I found 2-3 petitions/social media posts, under whom, negative comments were being posted, asking the initiator to “shut up” and claiming that PUBG is “not a problem to the youth”, “a ban cannot help” and that it is “just another video game”.

My dear, if it was “just another video game” why have there been so many cases in our country where a young boy commits suicide/dies of cardiac arrest due to “losing a match in PUBG”? Why are these games so uncontrollable that by playing continuously for 6/8 hrs, a boy loses his vision/gets a stroke? 

China itself has banned PUBG PC since it was “affecting the STUDIES and MENTAL state of their students”… What are WE waiting for?

I sincerely request you to sign this petition, so that we can contribute at least SOMEthing for our brave soldiers and for our nation. I trust YOU on this.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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