Leveraging Ayurveda/AYUSH medical systems to combat Covid-19

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In this hour of crisis and fear amidst Covid-19 pandemic, we, people from various walks of life, make an earnest appeal to Government of India (GoI) to utilise the strength and potential of AYUSH systems of medicine and its network to prevent, arrest, treat and manage the crisis of Covid-19 pandemic.

Many of us have been using AYUSH systems for many years even for our primary health requirements. Regular use of AYUSH systems for health, wellness practices and treatment and the resultant positive effects give us immense confidence that adoption of AYUSH systems to fight out this crisis will yield satisfactory results. At this time when there is nothing available and proven as treatment, many of us have turned to the time-tested Ayurvedic / AYUSH medicines for prevention and management of the clinical problem.

Advantages of AYUSH systems are -

(i) Common people are acquainted with these systems

(ii) Will be far more cost effective and affordable

(iii) Use of established AYUSH network of doctors, clinics, hospitals, wellness centres, academic institutions, research labs, industries, etc. will add to the number fighting the crisis,

(iv) Excellent potential for world class research along with modern science, which is still struggling to get solutions.

Moreover, let us keep in mind that China has set an example in this hour of grave crisis, by including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in official protocol for treatment of Covid-19 patients. More than 85% of their Covid-19 patients have been treated with TCM very successfully. The results are now published in peer reviewed mainstream science journal [Ref : Traditional Chinese Medicine for COVID-19 treatment, Pharmacological Research, 155 (volume), 104743 (page), 2020 (year)].

We should also use the knowledge and human resources of AYUSH systems to help fight this terrible pandemic. AYUSH doctors should be asked and allowed to fight this pandemic using their own expertise.

With our treasure house of documented knowledge and available expertise on AYUSH systems, we are at a vantage point to show the rest of the world how to handle this situation in a sensible manner. Please enable us to help ourselves. We are sure Government of India will respect people's appeal.