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Dissolution of State Governments in India

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India is a land of unity in diversity. However our unity is not as it ought to be as each State Government leads its people in a different direction in order to gain political mileage. Further when the country has one Central Government guiding the entire nation and full fledged government machinery operated from public funds, it seems irrelevant and rather redundant to have public representatives at at State levels and below, which ends up in nothing but wasting public money.

Following the implementation of GST, the Government of India has successfully fulfilled the “one land one tax” policy. This has eliminated the imbalances between the States on account of variations in tax laws and in a way, satisfied the equality before law in terms of taxation.

However, the complete unification of the country and the total removal of economic disparities between the people of various States still prevail. This can be attributed solely due to different political parties holding power in each State and their policies and governance methods, which results in an unequal plane between the States. Invariably, the States are governed or rather controlled by regional politics where the struggle for power overtakes the public welfare. This also creates issues when benefits from one State need to pass on to another, particularly when the parties holding power in such States and those at the Centre are political rivals. For instance the river water issues faced by the people of Tamilnadu with the neighboring States remains unresolved for decades only because of this scenario. There are hundreds of such issues which have got carried over through generations and the parties concerned have always turned a deaf ear without any positive attempt to solve them, though raising issues before the media to gain political mileage. We have always lived as States within the Indian boundaries rather than as a Country.

Therefore, to bring parity between States and to ensure that the benefits enjoyed by the people of all States remain the same, one drastic step like de-monetisation, needs to be taken. The constitution should be amended or even re-drafted to provide for only one government for the entire nation – “One land one government”, for the following merits.
1. For a growing economy like India, having governments at every level has been proven to be an unwanted luxury. The past 70 years post-independence has taught us a rude lesson that no State Government has shown genuine interest in its people but have always kindled regional and communal disharmony, causing thousands and thousands to lose their properties, future and even their lives. Hence it is high time to re-create the nation to protect national integrity.
2. All citizens of the country will be under one government and bound by the laws made by such government.
3. Since such a government is already being elected by public mandate, the principle of people’s representation is never going to be violated.
4. Petty political wings and regional outfits will vanish in the thin air, unable to compete in the national arena. Regional parties of larger size may not be able to make it independently at the national level but may be able to represent their State with the support of established National level parties.
5. The governance is handled by the officials appointed for the purpose at the cost of public money by way of taxation. In addition, maintaining political parties under the shelter of public representation adds to the public cost and in turn results only in increased tax burden for the citizens. Such expenditure in maintaining State and local governments headed by political parties and the cost involved in conducting elections, by-elections and so on are met only by the public money. Once these State and local governments are abolished, the country can save a lot of money which can in turn be spent for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden throughout the country. This will also reduce the tax burden on the people and will contribute a lot to bring down the prices.
6. The governance in each State can very well be handled by a representative of the Union Government for each State, which position is already made available in the form of each State Governor. This will facilitate better coordination between the States and the Centre. Insubordination by State Governments before the Central Government will not be possible.
7. Government officials and staff, who really serve the public, will be “public servants” in letter and spirit, doing their duty with dignity and discipline, without fear or pressure and will be deservingly respected.
8. Several long pending issues between States which have been converted to issues of pride and honour by the State Governments and the parties in power in States to quench their thirst for power, can be easily solved by government machinery as there will be no one from inside the government to leak them out to the public and create tension among citizens.
9. Above all, corruption can be reduced to a very large extent as politicians in charge of the government and their so called followers will be running out of jobs.

Our nation has seen several vast improvements over the past several decades.
1. Bullock carts to luxury cars
2. Bi-cycles to super bikes
3. Hand written records to computers
4. Letters by post to email/social network/video calling
5. Hand fans to airconditioners
6. Cinema screens to Hi-fi home theatres
7. Cash counters to ATM/net banking
8. Black boards to smart classes
The list will be endless.

When we have accepted all such changes that brought us more convenience, we can also try to bring this big change which can bring a better future to the entire nation. This can be one first step to bring back the unity between the people of the States, which we lost slowly and steadily even without our own knowledge, due to our blind faith in regional politics and sentimental attachment to our States instead of our nation.

Our ancestors who carved the nation and its constitution developed the present system when
1. there was honesty and transparency in politics
2. there was regional and communal harmony
3. there was no or atleast very low levels of corruption
4. leaders thought of service before self
5. spending by government for public representatives was very less
6. elections were not a frequent venture and leaders were prepared to wait patiently for the next election to assume power
When the above qualities are nowhere to be seen in the present political scenario, the system definitely deserves to be changed in order to protect the interests of the nation and its citizens. If the above change is brought, the difference in people will only be in their attire, culture and their language but never in the standard of their living.

/Jai Hind/

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