Declare 14th Aug as Day Of “Moral Story-telling by School Students”

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Declare 14th Aug as Day Of “Moral Story-telling by School Students”

Mark of honor to our great freedom fighters.

Transform our kids to be brand ambassadors of ethics.

Petition to Honourable Prime Minster of India.


Mission Ethical India Society ( ) requests citizens of India to support ETHICS MOVEMENT and sign this petition.


Mission Ethical India (MEI) Society, is a non-profit-organization, that works for "Progressive and Pleasant Society", believes in “Ethics First”  and "Ethics as Way of Life”


Our Great India:

India has been the Cultural Rich Land since its birth.

Even before the word “culture” took shape, India stood out as an icon for Trust, Mutual Respect, Courage, Civilization, Giving, Thanking and Forgiving…

Our great ancestors lived King Size Royal Life with a well-disciplined promised peaceful life – living, cherishing and honouring these riches.


“The Fact Now!”:

 Life hasn’t been pleasant on par with the progress.

 • Post-independence, we have been progressing, but life hasn’t been pleasant equally (on par with progress). Hence this is not an enjoyable progress.

 • MEI observes that, citizens and organizations sometimes may tend to make minor deviations from ethics, in the journey of progress. These minor deviations, collectively, pose risk for the stability of society.

 • This culture of minor deviations from ethics will set wrong examples for future generations and pose huge risk for stability of future society.


“The Consequences?”

 Right in front of us – painful incidents!


Morals boost Morale. Amazed!?!

Values must be inculcated at the budding stage of a child since it becomes hard to  impose at a later stage. Children are not only the future Citizens of the Nation but, also are the future life of parents.


When a Child tells a Moral Story

 – The Thoughtful Preparation & Presentation showcases Parent’s Insights.

 – The Ethical Values are delivered from Hearts of the Parent & the Child.

 – The Worth is carried in the Behaviour of Parents, Children and the Teachers.


Time for “Ethics as Way of Life”

Dear Friends,

Its Time to Rise Up and Awaken the Forgotten Charms of Life.

Empower and Enlighten the generations we live now and forth coming.

Pave way for Peaceful and Powerful Living with Ethics as a Way of Life!


Why 14th Aug?

Independence Day Celebrations – Should start with Honouring Our Great Freedom Fighters – at the cost of whose lives we are celebrating this day’s Independence.

What better day can we choose to Offer Our Devotions to Those Great Souls!!

What could be offered to those Inspiring Personalities & Emotions, other than Reciting Morals & Values through Our Children, the Jewels Of Nation!!

Commemorating & Surrendering to the Legends’ Sacrifice!


Targeted 1 lac schools on 14th Aug 2017

For year 2017-18, we targeted to help conduct MSTC in one lakh schools across India. In response to our submission, three state governments, viz. Haryana, Andhrapradesh and Manipur have issued circulars to all District Education Officers, to conduct MSTC in all schools.

MEI  couriered 3 certificates for winners, for each school registered (free) at Name of the citizen who sponsored prize money was mentioned on the certificate as sponsor of the event at the school. 

Public representatives like MLAs also sponsored this event in all schools in their constituency. Support from various sections of society helped MEI to reach the goal.

MEI continuing the same target for 14th Aug 2018.

Let us make it a permanent activity by including, as part of independent celebrations.

Declare 14th August as the Day of *Moral Story Telling by School Students".

Requesting every citizen of India to Sign this Petition, towards pleasant society for our kids.   Request you to share this petition in your network.

Hope to see your signature for this petition and hope to see lakhs of Moral Stories from our kids on every 14th Aug, from 15+ lakhs schools in India.


Thank you,

Mission Ethical India Society -