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Honourable President of India: Art. 86(2) prevent SC ord-criminals politicians, CIC order RTI on P. prties

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If people of this great nation realise their duty towards nation and write to President on links given below, their objections (and also sign this petition) and President\s office getting flooded with such suggestion than President may act in this direction and sent his message to Parliament whiich as per constitution, Parliament cannot ignore such message. If this happens, than this would be a history, as no other President have ever used this constitutional power and credit of this success would also go to social media in spreading this issue. U could following links to lodge ur request.

:: President's Secretariat Helpline ::


Honourable President,


As your may be aware, there are two crucial Bills pending in Parliament first regarding, Amendment of Representation of Peoples act 2013 which is for nullifying the SC order with best of intelligence to not allow criminal to continue to hold elected representative seat after getting convicted for offence and getting 2 years or more jail term and second bill to bring amendment in RTI act of 2005( The Right to Information amendment Bill, 2013) and over ruling CIC order considering national political parties to be public bodies and bring them under the ambit of RTI act to disclose all relevant details of party. RTI amendment bill presently lying with Standing committee for its recommendation as well as amendment to Peoples representation may soon reach Parliament in next session for finally getting the node of Parliament.

This is my humble request to please consider to intervene under your constitutional right under article 86(2) of sending your objections message to these 2 bills in national and public interest and upheld the intelligence of Honorable SC as well as CIC appointed under RTI act respectively.

Also, . When Bills refereed in this note are presented to u for signing, we humbly request u to use your Constitutional right under Article 111 of 'Pocket Veto ' by which u could delay unlimited in signing it or delay in returning to Govt. for reconsideration.  

2. People of this nation had been expecting since long to see that politics are free of Criminals and when some hopes were seen after SC order now Ordinance to nullify SC Order is about to be presented for getting your assent , we humbly request you to consider the intelligence used by SC in delivering its order and also consider your discretionary power on the issue that there is no immediate emergency for such law to be passed in such hurry through a Ordinance without proper debate in Parliament. 

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Friends, u belong to lucky few in this huge nation who r blessed with education and social media access and by signing this petition could easily make ur contribution towards this national obligation and commitment.

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