Reservations should be based on income not on which caste an individual belongs to !!

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Hello ,

Change Is Necessary Its Essential !

First thing : We are not saying that people from caste which is getting reservation are less talented.

In every sector either its educational or jobs i mean professional sector only person who deserves that place must be there.

Some people from SC ST and OBC caste have good financial status right ? oh you can't deny this fact .

and some General Caste people are below poverty level ? right 

Than why can't we give all those facilities to those people who are actually below that economic those whom all these things are actually required.

These caste system and reservation only divides us . 

Im from SC and i have good family income i can study well and i can get Admission in college where i want on basis of my talent.

Everyone try to divide us and rule. so we can get Together and actually observe the development issues. We want to change these things its new age . we want to complete with big countries like America and china by our talent . We All Are Equal . We All Can Study well and take our country on Top of List.

We Want Reservation Only If Our Fanancial condition is little below.