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Please Don't Deport My Daughter and Granddaughter

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I am writing this heartfelt plea in the hope that you will review and give due consideration to our family’s case and overturn the refusal by the Immigration Department to grant residency.
My daughter and my 2 year old granddaughter are about to be deported from Australia and this decision by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal has deeply saddened our family as we will be torn apart all because we, her parents, are still in a very long queue for permanent residency.  

My daughter has been in Australia for six years now and considers Australia home.  Her only sibling, her brother, is an Australian citizen and has lived here for over 20 years and her father and I have been living here for 5 years.  Three years ago my daughter met an Australian man and fell in love and they moved in together and started planning a wedding.  She became pregnant and that's when the trouble started.   The relationship ended when she was three months pregnant and she did not receive any type of emotional support from her ex-partner - if anything he created lots of stress throughout her pregnancy. Our beautiful granddaughter was born 27 months ago.  Her father has not had any part in his child’s life and I feel the Australian system let my daughter down as it was too easy for her ex-partner to walk away and leave her with nothing, trying to support a new baby with no financial help from him.  It was very difficult trying to support a new baby with no job as the company she worked for ceased trading.  However my daughter is a hardworking strong willed girl and undertook a course of study in child care and got a job as relief in a local Kindergarten.    She passed her Certificate 3 and continued working and is now midway through furthering her career by studying a Diploma course online in Child Care.   She is working full time at the Kindy now and her child attends there two days per week.  My Husband and I care for our granddaughter the other 3 days to allow my daughter to work hard full time.  My daughter pays full price for Kindergarten and does not claim any benefits from the State.   Our daughter and granddaughter are fully integrated into Australian society if they are expelled from the country now it will probably be the last time we will see our girls as we are both in our 70’s.  This is breaking our hearts especially losing our only grandchild.  They will not be a burden on the State if anything they will be an asset especially my daughter who is teaching the next generations of Australians  

The visa she applied for is a Remaining Relative Visa but as this has been refused by the Administration Appeals Tribunal on the grounds that her parents are not classed as Australian residents yet but we are living here and have been living in Australia legally for the past 5 years.  The Immigration Department have cancelled their bridging visa and given her and her Australian born daughter 28 days to leave Australia.   

The only hope we all have is that the honourable Minister will consider their plight and will use his powers to overturn the refusal.   If not she has less than 28 days to leave the country and go back to Scotland where there is no family, no home, no job, no support group to allow her to work for funds to support her and her daughter.  The affect on my granddaughter will be devastating as she will lose her grandparents whom she and her mum have lived with since she was born and her beloved uncle who is her ‘father figure’

She is a hardworking girl and has never claimed a cent from the Australian State.   All she wants to do is to finish her Diploma and continue working in the Kindy which she considers her extended family

If you feel they deserve a chance to become solid Australian citizens  please please sign this petition

Thank you for taking the time to read this plea.


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