Improve quality of Social amenities, citizens should have rights to claim compensation

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We the people of India, pay various Taxes like Income Tax, GST, Profession Tax, Property Tax, Vehicle Registration Tax etc to different departments of Government. In return Governments various departments are expected to give us services like Roads, Street lights, Local security, waste management, justice, health services, water, & other amenities. 

Recently for the past few years we have also started paying Toll Tax to private Corporations for better roads in Build Own Transfer system.

it has been seen that most of the Public services provided to the citizens are not up to the mark, and are given as if the authorities are obliging us by doing that, whereas we tax payers have paid for receiving these services.

i request you to add all these services & departments to Consumers Protection Act, so that if any department gives a substandard service, or fails to offer any services, that department & the authorities  concerned should be liable to pay compensation to the aggrieved citizen. 

In last week of July due to big unexpected potholes on Satara Pune highway lots of car Tyres were burst, if Toll plazas are collecting Toll, they should be held responsible for the losses arisen to people who pay & travel.

There are thousands of Buildings & houses where lacs of people stay, they have paid Development charges, Registration charges, are charged property taxes, but there are no Roads, no street lights, no water, no drainage lines, if they don’t pay taxes in time they are penalised, similarly if the authorities & departments don’t provide services they should be responsible under the consumer Protection act to pay compensation.

Our request is to treat Government departments & authorities as Service providers & bring them in ambit of Consumer Protection Act, so that the Tax Payers can claim compensation for the substandard services provided, this will help departments & authorities become more responsible.