Save Our Lake & Drinking Water from Fecal Contaminants by Roaming Cattle

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Petition Summary:

Our precious drinking water is at risk!  For 45 years our family has peacefully lived in this area using a small freshwater lake on our property as our household water source. This year that water was contaminated with fecal matter by a herd of roaming cattle that have made themselves at home on our land since August of this year. They have done enormous damage to our water source and have trampled tents and gardens and have been a nuisance. We have been informed that if we don't want the cows on our property WE need to fence them OUT.  We have 160 acres of rugged land that would need to be fenced and we are humble pensioners. 

You might think that it should be the cattle owners responsibility to fence their livestock in, and we agree, however thanks to the Range Act that was penned in 1864 this is not the case. The Free Range Act may have been appropriate as an incentive for settlers to move into Northern British Columbia 150+ years ago, however in the present time of 2018 when the Bulkley-Skeena region has evolved into a rural subdivision this Law is no longer suitable to our area.

Please support our efforts to change the district designation from a Livestock District to a Pound District so that cattle are not permitted to roam free and so that livestock owners may be held liable for damages and issues regarding trespass.