Enforce a living wage in Botswana

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The Botswana Government & corporations should incorporate the right to living wage and prioritise it for workers; suppliers; buyers and others with whom they do business with. The current minimum wage has perpetuated modern slavery in the labour market especially by giving foreign owned businesses leverage to exploit Batswana. 37.7% of youth live on less than P40/per day despite having a job. 

Just simple mathematics. You earn P4.85/hour x 26 days= P1006.72/month. You pay rent minimum P250-1500; Grocery P500-2000; child caring services (Aunty) P650-P1400 OR pre-school P500/month to P1200/month; Bread P10.00/ every 2 days; Transport P500-P1000, if you are commuting it will be around P850. How does a minimum wage earner survive here in our country?