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Kindly clear all important non contentious pending bills

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Dear Honourable Members of Indian Parliament,

It is our humble request as citizens of India to kindly allow the parliament to function and pass keys bills that are pending. We understand that corruption by any political party cannot be tolerated and the guilty must be punished but please do not let this interfere with the functioning of the parliament. Please stage protest outside the parliament and take whatever necessary legal actions against the guilty but let this not jeopardize key bills that need to be passed to allow our country to progress and develop economically and socially. Please discuss and debate on issues in both the houses but in an orderly manner without shouting and screaming at each other. The entire world is watching us and some are worried and some are making fun of us. In a functional democracy like ours political parties need not agree on certain issues and have the full right and freedom to show their dissent which is a part of a healthy democracy but the debate needs to conducted in a proper manner. Remember how our teachers used to admonish us in school by saying " this is not a fish market" , well our parliament sometimes resembles that. Please allow one person to finish speaking before the other MP interjects. Please give full respect to the speaker of the house. Let us emulate how parliament is conducted in developed nations. Also please clear important non-contentious pieces of legislation as the "Whistle Blowers protection Bill' , Prevention of Corruption, Waterways Bill, Lokpal Bill or the GST bill etc. Corruption at all levels by any person or party must be dealt with severely but please do not pronounce people guilty without proper investigation and we again kindly request all our MPs to let the parliament which is one of our greatest pillars of democracy to properly function. We understand that the ruling party also engaged in protesting and parliament functioning was disrupted when they were in opposition and many sessions were wasted but please do not do apply the same method as this will not help the country. More than resignations we want proper functioning of the parliament. Let the law take its course where corruption has taken place. As far as our honourable external affair minister is concerned it seems to be more of a conflict of interest issue and maybe a simple apology should suffice. As far as the Vyapam issue is involved CBI has already started investigations and the guilty will be punished. Let the opposition parties rise above partisan politics, show maturity and wisdom and put nation's development at the highest priority. People and the world will see that and will admire you for that. Just a few days left before the monsoon session ends...Hope that good sense prevails...Vande Mataram, Satyamev jayate...Jai Hind...

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