Pune Municipal Corporation Please Reverse the new Parking Policy 2018

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New Public Parking Policy 2016 cleared by Standing Committee of Pune Municipal Corporation and soon it would be implemented. In absence of any sane Public Transport Policy as well as Infrastructure. Pune city is getting cramped up with millions of two wheel and four wheel vehicles.

With a city of approximately 3 Million Population Pune boast about 2.5 million vehicles on its road daily. There is no denial that the problem is grave and needs urgent solution However instead of going to the roots of the problem and nipping it from the bud ( Such as improving the quality of Public Transport, Building Rapid Mass Transportation System) which is a mandate given to the Pune Municipal Corporation. It seems that some extra smart bureaucrats and politicians are set to monetise our pain.

Recently even after a lot of opposition Pune Municipal Corporation have cleared its Public Parking Policy 2016 by using the majority vote it has in the house.

As per the policy document available on PMC Website  PMC can charge Rs.60 to Rs.20 for one hour for four wheeler parking and Rs. 15 to Rs.5 Per Hour for a Two Wheeler.

Assuming you park your vehicle on the road for average eight hours in a day and if you have a car it is going to cost you Rs.480 to Rs.160 Per Day this is astronomical. 

Please support my Petition and lets create a pressure on PMC to reconsider its decision.