Stop the approval of Maritime Launch Services Canso Spaceport and save our environment.

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MLS is seeking approval to construct a Spaceport in Canso NS, which will use UDMH in the second stage of the rocket. UDMH is a highly toxic chemical propellant. There are other safer alternative fuels such as Liquid Hydrogen. Hydrazine (UDMH) has been phased out in the majority of countries such as The United States, Japan, and European countries and China is in the process. These countries have been launching rockets for decades and they no longer use Hydrazine fuels because of its high toxicity and the disastrous environmental impact it poses.

Even at low concentrations, hydrazine is harmful to aquatic organisms (Environment Canada)

They are using Cyclone-M4 rockets which are older rockets that have been modified so the first stage doesn't use UDMH but a Kerosene/liquid oxygen. While leaving the second stage to still require UDMH.

As a fishermen myself as well as many other families in the community who depend on it for their livelihood we can not risk losing that amount of income that it brings to the community so a corporation can move in and make millions of dollars launching rockets while the community gets destroyed by old highly toxic fuel.

We don't have to say no to a Spaceport but we do have to say no to the use of UDMH!