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The Petition is on the Immigration system requesting for Language Proficiency In English / French Requirement should be exempted for Students who have earned a Diploma, Degree, PhD in Canada and some English speaking Nationalities.

The petition is to be addressed to the Prime Minister, Immigration Minister and the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on how International graduates are subjected to seat for the language proficiency requirements under the various immigration system despite evidencing the requirement in the cause of studying in a Canadian Institution. 

The essence of the language test is to ascertain an individual /Immigrant can communicate within the community and society effectively, however, this purpose is defeated with the requirement being mandated for thousands of International students whom has invested heavily in their education career in Canada, communicating and studying in English or French Language ( Reading and studying hard to pass Exams, Writing exams, assignments and term Papers in class, Listening and Speaking to lectures in class, attending various seminars, attending networking events, granting informational interviews and finally presenting a power point presentation).

The English /  French Language is a compulsory course you have to undertake before graduating from a college or university regardless of the program you are studying depending on the Province.

However, these language requirements do not apply for some immigrants (Asylum & Refuges) who were granted settlement in the country without any form of investing nor different from an International student who had graduated from a Canadian institution with a lot of experience doing part-time jobs while studying, residing and communicating effectively at work, society and community.

Graduates feel the immigration requirements does not respect, appreciate nor take into consideration the education knowledge attained in Canadian institution of learning is more valuable, and an investment worth in thousands aimed to facilitate a  successful settlement and integration in Canada. The fortune in school fees invested into the educational sector and economy as well as gaining valuable knowledge is worth starting a career in Canada.

In my opinion to the Government, CIC should eradicate exploitation graduates from IELTS / CELPIP or TEF fees paid by immigrants, time consumed and other expenses incurred in booking and travelling cost to exam centres, to worsen it the exams expires in two years which boils down to the purpose of writing the test is defeated. The test generates funds for the various exam providers which is not fair and right for students who have studied in Canadian Institution. It would be appropriated if students who have studied in Canada be given the highest point automatically under the various immigration programs such as Express Entry, Provincial nomination and the various scheme Language Proficiency once an international student has studied and earned a diploma, Degree or PhD certificate in Canada.

Students who have studied here in Canada should be able to start a life and build the economic growth of the county and should be given an upper edge under the various immigration requirement knowing the investment, relocation and value earned while studying in Canada. It would be great if the old system where international graduates from a Canadian institution earns 600 points upon securing a job after graduation to start contributing to society due to the shortages of manpower.

Many immigrants left their respective country to come to Canada to study, learn and work with the knowledge of the 600 points to be achieved upon securing a valid job offer after the education but the rule was changed along the line putting millions of immigrants who are already in Canada studying in jeopardy planning to achieve the 600 points to qualify for PR which was eradicated.

I wish our Honourable Minister could explain and answers asked question being asked by Michelle Grill on how International students nor immigrants who have secured a job in Canada not earn 600 points ( Due to the Minister's changes, only one in ten 'economic' immigrants now apply to enter or remain in Canada with a job lined up during Canada's 2018 immigration level plan.

It would be ideal for CIC to grant exemptions on eradicating the 600 points to International students who had graduated in a Canadian Institution which is categorised as a high calibre place to study. Graduates should be given priority knowing the rigorous requirements prior to the student visa is approved, therefore students whom who wish to settle in Canada after graduating and securing a job should have the easy pathway to settlement in Canada to get the PR status regardless of the age.

Many Graduates had to return back to their respective countries after working in several respective organisations who value their quality work and added value. Unfortunately due to the graduates not having sufficient points under the points-based immigration system despite having a PhD, Masters, Diploma and over 15 years external and one-year internal experience in Canada still finds it difficult to attain the required points to get an ITA nor meets the requirement.

Due to fact that the PGWP cannot be extended, employers are unwilling to do an LMIA for graduates to get a work permit to continue on the same job due to the rigorous stress involved which leads to the graduate leaving the country after the expiration of the PGWP which has defeated the purpose of Canada calling for immigrants to come work in Canada when doors are shut at students with a lot of  valuable experience and has formed a family life here in Canada with his family. 

Based on the above painful immigration system in place please, could you sign and share this petition to as many Immigrants who left their countries to start a career and life here in Canada being affected with the eradicating of 600 points with a valid job offer which should be considered for Canadain graduates. It would ideal for CIC to respect, appreciate the investment, value of education taught in Canada and accept the education taught in Canadian institutions as evidence to proof Language proficiency which is to be able to communicate effectively by writing, speaking, Reading and listening. It would be ideal if the maximum points are awarded to International Students who have graduated from school on the proficiency requirements. 

A similar petition ( in line with the necessary changes was also raised which we need every Interantional studentsupport 

Thank you so much for your support in signing the petition.