Proper Roads and Transportations in Tamilnadu.

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It is a very welcoming move from the h'ble justice of TN High court to impose the helmet mandatory for both the rider and the pillion. Though it shouldn't have been  imposed but be brought out from the citizens through education, on some level its completely rational and acceptable as the government and the Judiciary is responsible for us. But what is bugging is that the government and the Judiciary never cease to push unacceptable things onto the people (not the helmets) claiming it mandatory for us to accept. Life revolves around a simple concept that is to give and take  but when it comes to TamilNadu government  its only take and take and never give anything at all. There are millions of examples but this is completely about transportations and roads. Lets concentrate only on this.

Roadways in Tamilnadu - There are lot of potholes in chennai  I cannot complain about the peripheral areas because in a gross basis you can only see potholes here and no roads. What is more painful is to see the newly laden roads getting dismantled in days .This just means one thing, they dont care at all. 

Transportations - People in tamilnadu who travel by Government buses have to take a tetanus shot once in every six months . Some even prefer safety gears while travelling in it due to some previous news. If a kid is brought up in tamilnadu it will totally misunderstand the meaning of deluxe, super deluxe and ultra deluxe  There is nothing deluxe about out SETC buses.And the peripheral buses in other districts are worst, i literally have to take a headache pill everytime i travel in my root bus because of the sound the metal and windows makes  Lots to talk about, but you get the point

If you think the Judiciary along with imposing us with new set of rules every month, it should also push the TN government to provide us with the Roads and transportations we actually deserve (being one of the highly tax paying states), please sign the petition and pass on for our own good. 




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