Strike down bill 52 in British Columbia

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The adoption of Bill 52 in British Columbia in an effort to bolster the Agricultural Land Commissions mandate to protect farm land use in BC has exceeded the interests of the affected farmers and land owners and is now being used to destroy working farms and the manner in which they have adapted to operate in the local economy. It is now being used to ruin family investments and likely make future small farming and farm related business's unsustainable. Though I agree with the need to avoid rural land becoming housing I do not feel this is the manner in which to do it. The bill is being used in a draconian manner and needs to be removed before it cripples the very purpose it claims to support. Already farm based business has been shut down, particularly the smaller operations that have an already tough go of it. The ALC is now beginning to adjudicate farm operations and dictate if people are "within their allowable uses" with the farms they operate. I am NOT in favor of legislature dictating my use of land I OWN. I keep my land in a manner that allows future farming on it and bought with that understanding. Farm business is now being forced to close down, examples will be cheese sales off the farm, an "on farm" eatery, having a petting zoo will not be considered farming, corn mazes and  many traditional farm activities are being threatened buy this Bill and it's administrators. As well as an abundance of other farm activities that have traditionally occurred. As a small farm owner I am disgusted by this overreach. This Bill is destroying many peoples property value and enjoyment and must be struck down.