Fair change to child support guidelines in Canada

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For years separated/divorced parents that do not have full custody or have shared custody have been paying more than they should have to for child support.   Do not get me wrong, I believe that the guidelines in place in Canada are fair overall, however, I do not believe that a parent’s overtime should be included in such.  The reason being is that many parents that are responsible for child support can find themselves financially unable to manage and need to work overtime hours or second jobs so they can manage a decent quality of life themselves.  When this overtime is factored into the next years’ child support, with no guarantee that this parent will be able to work that same amount of overtime, these parents are then even further financially compromised.

 I am a devoted Dad who has joint custody, but live 20 hours away round trip from my son, and not by choice.  I have spent five years in and out of court attempting to have as much time as possible with my son despite the geographical distance between his home with his mother and his home with me.  On top of this, I pay nearly $800 per month for child support and have never missed a single payment.  I also pay half of all his recreational activities while he is living with his mother and so I can spend time with him I pay another $700 per month in travel, lodging and more.  On average I spend $1500 per month for child support and to have access to my son.  I would do anything for my son and this is why I worked 200-300 hours of overtime last year.  I needed to do this to be able to provide for and see my son each month but also so I can manage a very basic quality of life.  Unfortunately, I will now have this coming years’ child support based on the overtime I worked last year.  What if I cannot work that same amount of overtime this coming year to pay the increase?  How is this fair?  I am struggling to manage.   I cannot even put money away for my son’s future education.  I truly believe change is needed to the guidelines to exempt inclusion of overtime earned in calculating child support.   I hope you will consider supporting this petition for such.

 Thank you for your time and attention,