Sexual Harassment Classes added to the Public School Curriculum

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As we saw with the recent #MeToo movement; sexual harassment, assault, and rape have affected too many people. In order to make a change, we need to start with education. Our young people have access to more information than ever before and we need to be at the forefront teaching them what is acceptable and what is not. Adding sexual harassment education to the BC student curriculum could give our youth the opportunity to stand up and stop this insidious culture from continuing. It is a tiny step against a giant problem but it is a start and it is a stepping stone towards hope. 

Please join us and sign this petition. It will be sent to the current Minister of Education for British Columbia in hopes that sexual harassment education will be considered for addition to the next school year's curriculum. She has the power to bring forth this idea and with enough signatures, the silent voices that never felt safe to speak up will be heard. 

Thank you for your support!