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Honourable Helen Morton MLC: Why are children being taken from none abusive or violent homes. Please review this heart breaking policy

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I am very aware of the fact that there are many children in W.A and all over the world that need protection from abuse and neglect, I have great compassion for children that suffer from these terribly horrific crimes. But I like so many others, do not understand why children who are not and never have been abused in anyway, are being removed by D.C.P. These children are suffering more than anyone realizes , because they feel so unloved and uncared for by their families as they are taken from a stable home and placed in foster care or in a childrens home, for reasons unbeknown to them.

I know this because I was one of these children that needed to be protected.

But my grandchildren were taken from my family because of an accident. The children were NEVER in danger because we all love and care for them so much. They were very stable and loving children, doing a wonderful job at school and growing into amazing little human beings.

But since they have been taken into care, six months ago now, they have moved placement so many times and my six year old granddaughter has changed schools four times in five months.

All they want to do is come home And that is all we want, like so many others.

My grandchildren say they are not listened to in anyway about how they feel or what they want by the carers or the D..C.P workers handling the case They are so mixed up and confused about everything. They are now in a children's home and are being bullied.

My eldest granddaughter said, she has no friends at school and at the home they are in, no one likes herself and her sister. She has said to us " this isn't play time anymore, I just want to come home ". We tell her to let them know what she wants and she screams and cry's to us " I do tell them but they don't listen ". As they walk away broken hearted, so do we. How can we not feel anything for these beautiful little ones, when we are the ones that have spent the first years of their lives protecting them. And now we are made to feel useless because all of our rights as a parent are taken away, when our children or grandchildren are taken from us. 

So....many things need to be reviewed for the child or childrens welbeing and their needs to be taken into account. For the sake of my grandchildren and our family.

I know that we are not the only ones going through this situation and I need to make a change for all of us.

Please  help me to make the Government listen to our pleas for help because at the moment, our pleas are falling on deaf ears.

My beautiful grandchildren have been returned home. But the laws need to change, like I have said were there is no abuse in any way, these children should not be taken from their loving families.

love to all x

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