Halt Clearwater Bay/ Kendall Inlet Parcel 13691 development until properly reviewed

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LOTW Cottage Owners/Lake Enthusiasts   

We are looking to enlist your support and assistance with an important issue that requires immediate attention. We are working under a tight government imposed deadline

We are a group of cottage owners on and in the vicinity of the small BAY just before Kendall Island and the Kendall Inlet Road boat launch. We have joined together for communication and representation purposes as the Kendall Inlet Cottagers Coalition (KICC). Our spokesperson is John Lovell – kicottagers@gmail.com – and our legal advisor is Richard Handlon, Pitblado LLP – handlon@pitblado.com.  

We want to advise you of a potentially devastating development in this small BAY. This proposal would not only impact the cottages directly surrounding the development but the area as a whole.  

In the 1930’s the Kenrica Gold Mine used the western end of the BAY as the depository for the tailings/slag from its cyanide mining operations. Today, 80 years later, this area is a flourishing marsh stretching out into the BAY some 200 feet and teeming with birds, turtles, mink and plenty of fish of all species. This has not always been the case as some long term cottagers remember the area as a yellow/mustard colored plain devoid of vegetation. This area was privately owned and is (in our view) totally unsuitable for development. This is until recently when it was very quietly sold without opportunity for any of the existing cottage owners to purchase the property.  

The new owner is proposing, not to develop the site as a cottage property, but rather turn it into a Marina with vehicle parking and boat docking for island cottage owners. The proposal to the Department of Mines Natural Resources and Forestry (MNR&F) (as assisted by a recently retired MNR&F employee) is to build a 206-foot dock through the marsh and then build at the end of the dock, a set of slips and a boat house which is 131 feet wide and another 44 feet deep (total length a mere 250 feet!!). The land will be cleared of some trees and a car parking lot will be made. It is hard to imagine a structure of this size and magnitude (see “overlay” below) in such a small bay.

What does this potential development mean to us, the immediate neighbours, and you located a little farther afield?  

  1. We are concerned that this development and its resulting heavy boat traffic will disturb the long dormant heavy metals which are a common mining by-product.  These could include arsenic, mercury and lead.  If such toxins are released into the Bay this will devastate the water quality, the wild life and the fish population. This would not only affect this small Bay but the area in general.  
  2. This BAY is very small – picture a “U” shaped body of water only 300 feet wide and 800 feet long after which it widens out to a larger area. 6 cottages and 6 reasonable docks/boat houses occupy this part of the BAY. Now interject 8 to 10 boats coming and going at all hours of the day and night to/from the “bottom of the U”. Now we can say goodbye to our recreational use of the BAY for our/our kids/our grandkids swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, etc.  
  3. We are also concerned the excessive boat traffic alone will stir up the marsh bottom and increase the water turbidity and eventually destroy the marsh and then we can say goodbye to the fish spawning and all of the other marsh wildlife. Think of taking a dip at the Rockeries.  

We need your help! We are not sure the MNR&F shares our above noted concerns and are not confident this work order will be denied.   

We feel it is imperative to exert pressure on the various levels of government to ensure that due diligence has been done to fully understand the potential, boating and other adverse impacts of approving this type of development. If this development is to proceed it will fly in the face of the last 24 years of Government stewardship and supervision pursuant to the Clearwater Bay Development Guidelines.  
This type of situation is only going to increase as various island parking/docking facilities close or shrink in size. We feel it is incumbent on the Provincial Government to provide a proper “deep water” marina which offers adequate mainland parking and docking for cottagers who are on islands. We, main land and island cottagers, want to enjoy what we have here at The Lake of the Woods, but not at the expense of one another.

Thank you,
John Lovell
(On behalf of the Kendall Inlet Cottagers Coalition)