Make Rules Fair for Charity Online Fundraising

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Parliament Hill was successfully lobbied to allow e-ticketing for charitable raffles in Canada.  Each province governs their own rules and regulations and Saskatchewan is the only province currently requiring the option to mail tickets for online raffles. This is a hard cost to the charity. 

This policy makes it economically impossible for small charities with small ticket prices to have an online ticket purchase option, because they have to offer a mailed ticket and they cannot charge for it.  It works for major lotteries (that do a lot of good also) that charge $100.00 for tickets, but it does not work for small raffles with a $5.00 or $10.00 ticket price.  The charity spending $2.00-$3.00 to mail out a ticket is not a viable option and we believe it is unfair.  Full disclosure, these are the charities we are trying to help fundraise for their very worthy causes.

We'd also like to point out, the federal law was changed to allow cost savings to charities, not to increase them.

Our solution to this was to charge a service fee for those that wanted mailed tickets. This greatly reduced people wasting paper and unnecessary costs to the charity. SLGA has asked us to stop this practice. There are only two ways these smaller charities can afford to put their raffles online: they must charge for mailing the tickets or remove the requirement that tickets have to have the option to be mailed. We prefer giving Saskatchewan residents the option. 

Please sign and share our petition to ask the Minister in Charge of  the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) for fair rules for online fundraising for charities.