Doug Ford Resign

Doug Ford Resign

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gerald jacob started this petition to Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Doug Ford is ruining Ontario.

July 3, 2018: Doug Ford started cancelling the cap and trade. This move will eliminate subsidies, incentives etc. One example is the rebate for Green movement

July 9, 2018: Conservatives cancelled $100 million funding for school repairs. 

July 11, 2018: Schidmt retires. Doug Ford’s political interference is a big issue during this move. The premier doesn’t have the power to fire anyone from Hydro One.

July 27, 2018: Doug Ford wanted to cut the size of Toronto’s city council. This is a personal vendetta on Ford’s side. Also one of the supporter of Ford is Giorgio Mammoliti. Mammoliti is under investigation due to conflict of interest from a property sale to the government. A cut in the city council will put more people at risk due to the large number of people that every council members needs to deal with.

Doug Ford cancelled the basic income project. I actually meet several people that call this project phenomenal. They are starting to get back on their own feet. Doug Ford just put the future of a lot of people in jeopardy.

Doug Ford also started a study that will allow metrolinx to take over TTC. Metrolinx can’t even get their Eglinton crosstown  project going. The next article will highlight the fact of privatizing a public transit. Privatizing the transit system is not the answer. Privatizing will increase the fair while putting the passengers at risk by shortcuts just for private companies to make a profit.

Please don’t let Doug Ford sell the TTC, like Mike Harris sold the 407.

Doug Ford eliminated OSAP grants, and subsidies. OSAP is a massive help for everyone, due to the fact that it allows students to go to school. My parents always tell me that “they can leave me with all the riches they can give me but those riches can be stolen. Education is one thing that no one can steal from you.” 

Please reverse this decision so that Ontario can sustain its growth.

Doug Ford hiring Taverner. This is a clear political interferance. Taverner doesn’t have the qualifications to run a squad let alone run OPP. Doug Ford asked his friends to lower the qualifications so that Taverner will qualify. I think this is the guy that protected the Ford family from being busted for drugs. Also for the late Rob Ford to be arrested for DUI. A premier shouldn’t have any connection with the police so that a fair and equal governance can be observed.

Doug Ford firing Blair. I find it funny that the whistleblower gets fired without a proper cause. This is a clear sign of a bully, that will do anything to get their ways. 

Sir Blair please file a lawsuit against the province of Ontario because this is a clear case of wrongful dimissal.

Doug Ford changing Ontario’s healthcare system. I moved to Canada in 2006 and I just love the fact that I can show up to a doctor’s office and get checked for no cost. My home country the Philippines just approved the  universal healthcare bill and Doug Ford wants to get rid of it. I respected Chrisine Elliott and I cannot believe that she will lie regarding the healthcare bill drafted by the conservative. Madame Minister you signed the draft what do you mean that you have no knowledge about it. Our healthcare system doesn’t need an overhaul, it needs funding and people that actually cares about the well being of the people of Ontario.

Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell please call for an election and get rid of Doug Ford. Doug Ford doesn’t represent Ontario, he represents his businessman friends. Doug Ford shows that he is a bully, a liar, and a corrupt official. As the Ontario Motto “loyal she began, loyal she remains” a premier needs to be loyal to the people of Ontario. Doug Ford is lining up all his friends for a big payday in the expense of the people of Ontario. Honourable Dowdeswell, Doug Ford will send Ontario years back which will case pain and suffering for years to come. I love Ontario and I can’t stand here and watch the place I called home, since 2006, get dismantled by Doug Ford. Please protect the people of Ontario, please use the power granted to you to protect us from a tyrant. Ontario needs to move forward not backwards. 

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