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As per now,none of the three exams that we encountered was easy.Especially Maths ranks first in terms of difficulty. Physics second and Chemistry third.We students came to know that the questions are being prepared by college lecturers,we dont know to who our question belong,well this is my question,,Is this exam to check the performance of a student or to check the excellency of a teacher(in making questions).Generally students are of three kinds.Those who are poor in studies,medium and the brilliant students.This exam was only meant for those brilliants.Even the brilliant students failed to answer nmany questions.I'm a plus two student and i belong to the second category-medium.We are just students,every one of us are not brilliant,I guess if the exam is conducted again with questions prepared by HSS school teachers,students including me may score well.
The valuation will be liberal i guess eventhough mark will be given to the qstns only which we have attended to get the 1/2 marks.What about the other questions which we had no idea about??!
So far no luck,because this time we became the SCAPEGOATS!!
Kerala education system _/\_

So please take this problem into consideration and solve it.Else,it will affect the future of many.