Government of Canada to investigate the archives of 61 Catholic dioceses in Canada

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  • Roman Catholic clergy have been convicted of sexually abusing tens of thousands of children around the world, including many children in Canada;
  • Recent large-scale government investigations (e.g. Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, 2018) indicate that the ongoing scale of child abuse within the Catholic Church is likely much higher than suspected;
  • The Catholic Church has refused to state that every report of possible sexual abuse even if received in confession must be immediately reported to the police;
  • Roman Catholic leaders around the world, including Canada, have frequently re-assigned predatory clergy to other locations and frequently use money donated by naive parishioners to buy the silence of child abuse victims;
  • Despite an abysmal record of screening clergy for pedophilia, Roman Catholic priests and church personnel still enjoy unfettered access to children in publicly funded Catholic schools and hospitals across Canada, as well as many Catholic and non-Catholic institutions,

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately begin a complete investigation of the archives of all 61 Roman Catholic dioceses in Canada to:
a. Assure the Canadian public that children and adults are safe;
b. Ensure that justice will be sought for all victims and their families;
c. Ensure that the Roman Catholic Church in Canada will be fully accountable for its actions and is no longer protecting predatory clergy; and
d. Alert the police about all historic cases so that they can determine if there are any other victims.