Recover Stolen Assets of Pakistan, stashed abroad.

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Recover Stolen Assets of Pakistan!

Pakistan has external debts of $ 64385 million or $ 64.385 billion as per “Trading Economics” data [1] whilst making every Pakistani owing PKR 82,687 as per June 2014 estimates [2]. Pakistan is suffering from worst poverty, energy shortage, food shortage, and unemployment because of the poor economy. Corruption, out and out, was responsible for entire economical disaster of Pakistan. 

Both Swiss and Pakistani authorities had agreed that hypothetically $ 200 billion were stashed in Swiss banks [3] by Pakistanis. Black money, stashed in Swiss banks, can easily be recovered with the help of Swiss government if Pakistani government would officially request the Swiss government to do so.

 This petition has been lodged to force Federal government of Pakistan to officially request Swiss government for following initiatives;

 1. Swiss government must denote the names of such Pakistanis, who have stashed their apparently black money in Swiss banks

2. Swiss government must help in recovering stolen assets of Pakistan as most of these $ 200 billion (or every cent of it) was stolen from Pakistan and hence belongs to the country.  

Under the light of stated facts and figures and terrible plight of Pakistani economy qua poverty, it is requested to Honourable Justice Mr. Saqib Nisar, Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court, to take notice of the matter and hence initiate or make it initiated to request Swiss government to help Republic of Pakistan in recovering its assets stolen through money laundering and corruption.  

People of every race of life are humbly requested to sign this petition to help their fellow human beings to come out from the miserable life and its torment.


[Note 1: This petition was re-opened after 4years – first time when it was created. It requested Mr. Nawaz Shareef, (Prime Minister of Pakistan) to recover looted money of the country. Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, then Cheif Justice of Pakistan and now Care Taker Prime Minister of Pakistan, was also requested the same.] 

[Note 2: Now the main responsible for not recovering or stopping the process of recovering looted wealth has become Governor State Bank of Pakistan and was appointed by the Nawaz Shareef government. The story has surfaced in Pakistani media once again [4] and thus the petition has been re-opened – who knows if it may make some difference]





4: (Breaking Views With Malick| Discussion on $200 billion in swiss accounts | 4 August 2018 | 92NewsHD)