Change eligibility requirements for maternity and parental benefits due to Covid-19

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Many expecting parents were laid off due to Covid-19 and are unable to collect the 600 hours necessary to be eligible for maternity and parental benefits under current government requirements. These eligibility requirements should be changed to account for the unprecedented times! 

Prime Minister Trudeau has been quoted saying "the government will be there for people" and “as a government we will continue to help you, support you - in the midst of this crisis." (June 9, 2020). As a small population of Canadians counting on your support for assistance, we ask you - Prime Minister and Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment - please do not let us down and forget about us.

The government has given billions to different groups of people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in order to help Canadians. As these groups have now been progressively tended to, we ask that you hear our voices. We are:

-          Parents newly re-entering the workforce for any reason (IE coming off a prior parental leave)

-          New and/or expecting parents that work part-time

-          Any new and/or expecting parent that hasn’t accumulated 600 hours of work over the last 52 weeks, and has been unable to because of Covid-19

Being laid off because the economy shut down due to Covid-19 should not mean losing government support to raise our babies. There HAS TO be another way to determine eligibility. 

We ask for your support.

Please sign this petition to help change the current requirements. New parents should not be penalized because of the economic shutdown. The system NEEDS to change!

Let the government hear your voice.

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