Please order an inquiry into Accra Visa Office slow processing of PR applications

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We are a group of likely immigrants to Canada based on economic programs such as FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) and PNP (Provincial Nomination Program). The goal of CIC is to process all applicants who have applied for residency through the express entry platform within 6 months or less. We have noticed that our applications which fall in the jurisdiction of Canadian visa office in Accra, Ghana HAVE been totally stalled for months without any movement on the files. Other VO’s such as London and Ottawa visa office process more than 80% of their cases within the six months time frame and even earlier. There are many applicants waiting for more than 12 months and no word from Accra visa office. Some applications HAVE not exceeded the six months but knowing the current processing time frame at this office it becomes a great concern that these applicants will be stalled for months as others who already exceeded over 6 months. Many of us have gone through a long road before BEING nominated by a province and already excited at the great opportunity to migrate and contribute economically to the respective provinces, however we are stalled AT THE ACCRA VISA OFFICE. We feel all West African applicants are BEING unnecessarily delayed compared to other people from around the world.
We humbly ask for your intervention in resolving whatever challenge is being faced by the ACCRA VISA OFFICE so that Permanent Residency applications filed through the express entry platform for FSW and PNP can be processed in a timely manner.