Release the Details of the Consultation on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation

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In November 2019, the Steering Committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation released a "paper for consultation" for the purpose of seeking feedback from British Columbians and health sector stakeholders that "will assist the Steering Committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation to refine their proposal on how to modernize the regulatory framework for health professions in British Columbia."

Health Action Network Society is concerned that the public has not been adequately informed of, nor consulted on, the impacts the proposed framework will potentially have on their access to the complementary, integrative, natural, and alternative therapies they require. Therefore, we ask the Steering Committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation to make public and accessible the following:

1. Details of the consultation methodology used in both phases of the process, including identification of target groups, methods of communication with target groups, and tools (e.g. survey, questionnaire);

2. Results of the second phase of the public consultation that took place between November 27, 2019 and January 10, 2020.

The first phase of the consultative process appears to have consisted of collection of feedback (method undetermined) over one month, ending June 14, 2019, resulting in 300 submissions: 190 members of the public, 50 health practitioners, 25 professional associations, 18 regulators, and 30 other health sector stakeholders, including unions. A summary of the findings can be found here:

The second phase of consultation took place between November 27, 2019 and January 10, 2020 and appears to have consisted of an online survey (no longer available) and an email address to which written submissions could be made.  The results of phase two of the consultation have not been made available.

If implemented, the proposed regulatory framework would apply measures designed to severely restrict practitioners' ability to properly care for their patients within the universal parameters of their profession.  Proposed drastic changes to the current framework include:

  1. reduction of the number of regulatory colleges from 20 to five.  Chiropractors, dietitians, massage therapists, naturopathic physicians, occupational therapists, opticians, optometrists, physical therapists, psychologists, speech and hearing professionals, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and acupuncturists would be regulated by the College of Health and Care Professions;
  2. implementation of disciplinary panels appointed by the Minister of Heath;
  3. strengthening of the oversight of regulatory colleges;
  4. enabling regulatory colleges to speak publicly, and to the media, about known complaints.

We urge everyone to read Modernizing the provincial health profession regulatory framework: A paper for consultation by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the last link:

If you are a patient or consumer of complementary, integrative, natural or alternative therapies, please discuss the potential impacts of this proposed framework with your practitioner.


Health Action Network Society