All Veteran suicides to be recorded seperately from civillians.

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At this present time, there are not accurate enough records of veteran suicides as they are included as civilians.

The reason this must be seperated is because too many lives are being lost, that with the right care this can be prevented and that they are and always will be veterans, not civilians, and should be recognised as such both in life and in death.

My aim is for this to reach His Honour Judge Peter Thornton QC (cheif coronor of England & Wales) and The Scottish Parliment. There is also nothing to stop you from talking with your local MPS. 

I am a civillian, I have had the honour of meeting some of the most selfless, dedicated and loyal people who deserve better respect, care and recognition for what they have done for us.

Lest we forget.

This ongoing and increasing problem is destroying families and individuals that have already sacraficed and been through more than we can imagine. 

We should be able to do the same for them in return.

I ask with the greatest respect that you could sign this petition. This change can save lives. Thank you.