Respect for Indians and Provide Proper Update to Honor View 10

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Respect for Indians which is 2nd largest smart phone users

Provide Proper Update to Honor View 10, All Honor Brand receiving updates with improvements time to time but the latest flagship of the year 2018 -Honor View 10 has no major updates at-least requested futures also getting ignored by the company important futures requested not expecting any useless, Which even available with less than 10 K mobiles (EIS-electronic image stabilization), (VILTE-Video Over LTE ),CALL RECORDING and the burning issue of charging speed it has to be charge 110 Mins from 5 to 100 its taken 188 mins for full charge please resolve the issues provide the latest updates and requested futures as soon as possible..

Specials Notes on bugs:-Brightness bug in certain apps ,(2)- Brightness going down at direct sunlight even Auto mode has been reported. 

The same models launched in different countries has good software updates with latest version of Android 8.1 we still missing the futures in Indian Version.

Please do the needfull