Reduce travel fare in premium trains

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The cheapest travel fares (3 tier AC) on premium Indian trains like Rajdhani and Duronto are almost as expensive as a flight ticket between the cities, for the same dates of travel.   A major contributory factor is the dynamic pricing introduced by Indian Railways for such premium trains.  The photo compares the Mumbai to Delhi travel fares between 3 tier AC of Mumbai Rajdhani (12951) and a Jet Airways Mumbai to Delhi flight for the same day of travel,i.e. Sept 28, 2018. One can notice there is hardly any difference in the fares.  In today's fast world, why would anyone want to spend 16 hours traveling by train when they have the luxury of flying to their destination in 2 hours for the same price?

Railways should reduce travel fares on premium trains and must scrap dynamic pricing.  This will make more people consider and employ rail travel as an option.  The several seats which remain unoccupied in these trains could get filled.