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FAIR trial for Shahedul Islam, Deputy Consul General of Bangladesh

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Honorable Richard A. Brown
District Attorney, Queens County
125-01 Queens Boulevard
Kew Gardens, New York 11415

Dear Honorable Richard A. Brown:

We, fellow Bangladeshi Americans, are writing this letter in response to the arrest on June 12, 2017 of Md Shahedul Islam, Deputy Consul General of Bangladesh Consulate in New York. This arrest and publicity is a major concern for the Bangladeshi Americans’ reputation as well as Mr. Islam’s innocence (Innocent until found guilty).

People who know Mr. Islam and his accuser Mr. Ruhul Amin, know that they used to have an amicable relationship. In fact, Mr. Islam’s father brought up and raised Mr. Amin since he was a runaway child. The dispute started when Mr. Amin wanted to obtain legal status in the USA since diplomats are required to send back their house help after the term expires.

As Bangladeshi Americans, we had the opportunity to meet Mr. Islam on various occasions in his official duties. He is very sincere and very respectful to expatriate Bangladeshis living in the USA. We cannot believe that Mr. Islam would commit such crimes because he has always been a law abiding person.

According to the news sources, in the past, diplomat house helpers have brought charges against their diplomat employers to escape the return to their native countries, and filed for legal status as “Domestic Violence” victims. According to immigration experts, “Domestic Violence” victims are given preferential status. Almost all accusers are currently legal US residents. For any underprivileged Bangladeshi, US legal status is similar to a Jackpot, and one can easily make up stories to a build a solid immigration case for the immigration Jackpot.

According to people who know Mr. Islam and Mr. Amin, the accuser Mr. Amin’s main motive behind the allegations is to “Build a Case” for a future immigration hearing. This is a wide ranging consensus among New York based Bangladeshi media, social media and community.

We believe and respect our legal system to be fair. We believe your office will be fair to him regardless of his high profile status, and find him an innocent victim of a Green Card scheme orchestrated by Mr. Amin. We are requesting a FAIR Trial for Mr. Islam, and a FAIR INVESTIGATION of the accuser Mr. Amin’s REAL MOTIVES, his Green Card ambitions, and credibility. According to sources, Mr. Amin was in contact with immigration attorneys/ experts before and after his claims.

We sincerely appreciate your help in keeping us all safe.

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