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So many independent international studies are pointing to the dangers of mobile tower radiation.

However, there has been a lot of downplaying of the dangers too by the very powerful and influential corporates which are eager to install these towers for commercial reasons and in total disregard to public concerns. It is an open secret that these powerful corporates can easily influence governments and courts to decide in their favour even against the people's will.

Somewhere we have to draw a line between communication on one hand and health and our existence on the other. If our health or existence is gone then communication has no value at all.

Howsoever laudable the "communication" goal may be, it cannot be at the cost of human welfare and well being, which is a paramount right of the citizens enshrined under Article 21 of our Constitution.

New technology just like new medicine is unproven and can cause havoc. From 1930 till 1950 cigarettes were supposed to be very healthy and were touted as medicine by FDA and doctors until in 1953 they discovered that they were harmful for human health.... But immense damage had been done then to human beings throughout the world and, by addiction now, carries on.

Will governments or courts take notice and reverse decisions too late...after many of us are gone because of cancer and disease and when we become cold statistics/casualty?

We are not against corporates, individuals or technology... however it has been proven throughout the world that mobile towers in populated areas cause harmful radiation which is cancer causing.

An Israeli study proved that mobile towers are extremely harmful to residents living within 350 metres of their proximity.
A German study found that mobile towers are extremely harmful to residents living within 400 metres.

And here in India where this technology is still in its nascent phases of development we are dabbling with figures like 20, 35 or 45 metres.... Obviously at the behest of these mobile companies.

The Supreme Court in a recent judgement took cognizance of the fact that a person in Mumbai suffered from hodgkin's lymphoma because of a mobile tower in proximity.


In our case of C2 pocket Vasant Kunj (google map co-ordinates 28.534920,77.149892 ) where the mobile tower is being forced upon us by Indus towers and the court's decision against us, there are newborn children and adolescent children present or playing in the park apart from cancer patients and senior citizens. This is a densely populated area with hundreds of people living within 10 to 30 metres and thousands within 300 metres.

Within 350 metres there are schools like Vasant valley School, DPS School, Aadyant school where thousands of children study ranging from toddlers to young ones who are more vulnerable to radiation damage.

Should we be forced to bear 24 hours' exposure of lethal EMF/ radiation of the towers from such proximity? Are we not protected by the constitution of India which says for the people by the people?

We are not against any individual, corporates, technology or progress...but are extremely concerned about the health hazards that this tower will pose right in the middle of a densely populated area as the Google map shows. The nearest casualty will be as close as 10 meters from the tower.

We request our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Chief Justice of India, Mr. Rajan Gagoi and Honourable justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, Chairperson, National Green Tribunal to sympathetically consider the feelings of these thousands of people and urgently intervene to relocate this tower to a place safer for people.