Stop Harassing Honest Civil Servants

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On 19th December 2017 the senior most IPS officer and the DGP of Kerala, Dr. Jacob Thomas ( was suspended from service for pointing out the conflicts of interest of people in power in a speech given on the anti-corruption day which was celebrated on the 9th of December 2017. Even a cursory glance at his achievements as an honest public servant constantly fighting organized corruption reveals several notable achievements:

1.      2005 Kerala State’s whistleblower protection

2.      2014 started an anti-corruption campaign called VigilantKerala

3      2015 Manorama News Maker of the year

4.     2016 Two Anti-corruption mobile apps- Arisingkerala and whistlenow, and developed Kerala Anti-corruption Index

5.     February 2018 disclosed several serious corruption cases in Kerala which were closed without proper investigation

In addition, there are several other examples in Kerala and elsewhere where honest public servants are harassed for economic and political gains of few powerful individuals.

Through this petition, we request your help in encouraging the Honorable Prime Minister and the Home Minister to investigate the circumstances surrounding the suspension of this public servant and come to a quick resolution. Please note that it has been more than eight months since he has been suspended without pay. If well-intentioned people like us do not unite, more honest and passionate civil servants will lose their motivation to struggle for doing the right thing.