Aadhar must be linked with the Voter ID Card

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Aadhar is linked with the PAN Card

Aadhar is linked with Bank Accounts

Aadhar is linked with Gas Connections

Aadhar is linked with all kinds of Government Projects

Why is Aadhar not linked with the Voter ID?

If Aadhar is linked with Voter ID the following will happen: -

  • The incidence of fraud voting will be cut down.
  • They will not need to ink the fingers of people who vote.
  • Voting can be made more secure with a fingerprint.
  • People without Aadhar cards will not be able to Vote
  • We will have a better idea of Voter turn out

Request all Indians who care for the integrity of our voting system, the foundation of our democracy, to sign this petition in millions. The Prime Minister needs to hear this message and act on it.

Jai Hind