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Use "Bhaaratiya" instead of "Indian / Hindu".

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The word HINDU does not have a proper origin or root. It was coined by someone long ago and we have carried this forward without thinking. The most relative term is "Bhaaratiya". The word "Bhaaratiya" means something related to "Bhaaratha" (which is the original name of our country). Ideally, the word "Hindu" must have meant to address all the citizen of "Hindustan" (our country). Unfortunately, this is wrongly associated with a religion. It is time we understand the right words to be used and bring back the identity called "Bhaarath" - not India, and "Bhaarathiya" - not Indian / Hindu.

I urge you to use the word "Bhaarath" for "India" and "Bhaaratiya" for "Indian" or "Hindu". As you might have seen, the word "Hindu" is wrongly associated with a religion.

When we change our perception appropriately, I am sure we can destroy all the conflicts that are originated by these. The intention is to give the right names to our selves, bring back the identity to ourselves - what was once "Bhaarath" (under the ruler "Bharath").

I request you to use "Bhaarath" for India and "Bhaaratiya" for Indian and Hindu.

There is no word called India or Hindu. These were coined by British/Westerners for their convenience. So, I request you again to stop using these words and start using "Bhaarath" and "Bhaarathiya".

I request you to make the new names official (by appropriate processes). I strongly believe that this request will be fulfilled without delay.

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