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Attempt in disguise and worries for common man

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Govt. of India took similar measure earlier but people raised no fingers and obliged but then corruption prevailed at higher magnitude. Higher the denomination higher the corruption is the time tested barometer. What does the higher currency of INR 2000 denomination ultimately indicate?

More the complex the laws more the man alerts is the psychological phenomenon. Govt. is taking 20-30% Income Tax, 14% Service Tax, 8 – 12% VAT, 18% Excise, Wealth Tax, Luxury Tax etc etc by way of direct and indirect taxes. A common man works hard and contributes to the nation. Govt. imposes various laws to make business difficult and the same bureaucrats, ministers and Govt. machineries take advantage of the law to perpetuate corruption. Govt. has time and again committed to relax laws so doing business becomes easy but what is the end result?

World Bank Group has ranked India at 130th position on the benchmark of ease of doing business and reported on June, 2016. Govt. changed with full majority but rank remained more or less the same. However, under existing draconian laws State of Telengana under the leadership of Sh. Chandrababu Naidu has ranked No.1 among other States for ease of doing the business sufficiently indicates “you have the will you have the way”. Why the other States scary of following the suit?

Delhi is eye opener to the all political parties that election can be won honestly without use of money. The money stashed by politicians is, therefore, gained for personal used and hence hatred by the public is that simple. The ministers/politicians/bureaucrats are sufficiently paid by the Govt. for the services rendered to the public hence legally not entitled to get involved in business of profit. This class of people is the real culprit of the nation for perpetuating corruption with the tool of harassment. Common men are merely the milking cows of the ministers/politicians/bureaucrats and ultimate sufferers. Do we mean common man shall indefinitely suffer and corruption perpetuate?

Now, the entire currency has been brought into banking system. Money is now money and no white and no black any more. Govt. must come up with liberalized laws to do business and severe punishment must be enacted for harassments to the bureaucrats if Govt. has true intention to serve the people with honesty else demonetization is attempt in disguise.

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