Bring Israel's Fallen Soldiers Hadar Goldin ob'm and Oron Shaul ob'm Home For Burial

Petition demanding that, as a condition to the United States' future discussions regarding Middle East peace, IDF soldiers Hadar Goldin ob’m and Oron Shaul ob’m (killed in action in 2014 Tsuk Eitan / Operation Protective Edge) must be returned so they can be laid to rest by their families and all Israel.

Honorable Mr. President:

“I will never leave a fallen comrade” (Soldier’s Creed).  For the United States and Israel this is an absolute principle for which there is no compromise. 

In the summer of 2014, during Tsuk Eitan / Operation Protective Edge, Israel's defensive war against Hamas terror attacks, soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces were tasked with going into the “terrorist tunnels” to destroy the tunnels and remove or destroy the missile arsenals that were used by Hamas to launch attacks Israeli cities and civilians. 

In that war, 67 Israeli soldiers were killed in action, including Hadar Goldin ob’m and Oron Shaul ob’m.  Golden ob'm and Shaul's ob'm bodies were dragged into the terrorist tunnels by Hamas. 

For the last three years, Hamas has refused to return them to their parents so that they can be given proper burials. 

Hamas’ holding the bodies of Golden ob'm and Shaul ob'm for use in their publicity campaigns and for ransom is unconscionable and immoral.

As parents of American, French and Israeli soldiers who fought and died alongside Goldin ob'm and Shaul ob'm, as bereaved families of Israel’s fallen soldiers, and as persons with vested interests in Middle East peace, we trust that you can understand the pain that the families of Goldin ob'm and Shaul ob'm must endure every day because they are unable to bury their beloved children.

As the leader of the free world, knowledgeable in military rules and practices, we know that you and your team understand that Hamas’ taking of / refusal to return Hadar Goldin ob’m and Oron Shaul ob’m violates the rules of warfare.

Mr. President we applaud your willingness to undertake the difficult task of trying to help achieve peace in the Middle East.  If any world leader can do this, it is you President Trump and your team including Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mattis, Ambassador Friedman and Mr. Kushner.

We know of your desire to help secure a deal where Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and where all Palestinians, including Hamas and Hezbollah, respect Israel’s right to exist and are willing to renounce violence. 

We anxiously await your May 22, 2017 visit to the region and pray for your success in starting meaningful discussions.

We plead that, in your efforts to secure Middle East peace, you include the demand that the Israel’s fallen soldiers – Hadar Goldin ob’m and Oron Shaul ob’m - must be immediately returned to their grieving families.

We present this Petition, which is circulating the world and for which we expect to receive 1 million signatures by July 17, 2017 - the 3rd Anniversary of the beginning of the 2014 Tsuk Eitan / Operation Protective Edge ground campaign that took the lives of Goldin ob'm and Shaul ob'm and 65 other IDF soldiers.

May G-d bless you and grant you and your delegation the strength, wisdom and success so that you can secure the return of Hadar Goldin ob’m and Oron Shaul ob’m so they can be laid to rest by their families and all Israel.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Honorable President of the United States Donald J. Trump

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