A Stop Unfairness to Seniors

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The present Lynx policy of requiring Seniors to obtain a duplicate photo ID, when most already have proof of age, to obtain senior fares is unfair and burdensome to seniors.


The initiator of this petition discovered Lynx unfairness when he rode Lynx Bus 41 from the airport to Altamonte Springs in April 2011. He was surprised when the bus driver refused to allow the senior fare, without a "Lynx Senior Card". Always before a picture ID with date of birth on it sufficed.

When he reached home he called Lynx and was told that he had to travel downtown to the Lynx office to have his photo taken and the free "Lynx Senior Card" issued. He was told that the bus drivers had reported fraudulent usage of the discount fares, and the issuance of the card is the solution.

He has travelled to various parts of the US that have senior fares, and none require anything of this nature. For example, the City of Philadelphia has senior fares, and simply requires that seniors have a Medicare card, and/or a photo ID to obtain senior fares.

There has to be a better way!

Lynx has inadvertently made a decision without considering the effect on thousands of seniors in the Orlando area. Lynx came up with this procedure to avert fraud, but did not consider what a burden it would be on thousands of seniors to obtain a photo ID card, when they already have photo IDs showing their age. We estimate that it would take an average of 1 hour travel each way to Lynx Headquarters to obtain the photo ID, and maybe 15 minutes for processing, or a total of 135 minutes for each senior. It would also take a $2 bus fare to Lynx Headquarters, and a $1 senior bus fare to return home. That equates to 135 minutes and $3 expense for every senior obtaining the Lynx card.

According to Wikipedia, we have 2,134,411 residents in the Orlando area, and 11.3% are 65 years of age or older, or 241,188 seniors. If only 10% of eligible seniors ride the bus, and would have to obtain the card, that would be approximately 24,000 seniors, 60,000 hours expended, and $72,000 dollars expended. All to obtain a card that duplicates other proof the seniors already have. And these seniors can ill afford the hours and dollars involved.

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