Open surfing, paddling, and water sports in level 3

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South Africa has one of the most successful water sports communities globally.

Several world champions from Surf Ski, Surfing, Body Boarding, and Marathon Canoeing have hailed from our country.

We also have Olympic medalists in rowing, and many swimming disciplines.

Recreationally open water activities in multiple provinces make up a large form of exercise.

These sports in are non contact, and low risk for Covid-19.

When compared to current permitted exercise, namely, running, walking and cycling, by far cycling is a larger drain on medical resources and serious injuries requiring intervention from ambulances, hospital beds etc.

Apart from the closure of beaches and parks to stop people congregating,  there appears no reason why people will not be able to exercise in water parallel to parks and beaches.

Further, many businesses, and retailers are specialized stores for these activities.  They are allowed to trade under level 3, however in the absence of the activities being permitted,  there will not be a re-initialisation of this economic sector.

Only positive outcomes can come from allowing these activities under level 3.

It appears that as the Minister, the power is in your hands to open up these activities. 

We ask you to kindly consider it.