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After working several years in the daycare business, in 2007 my niece made an investment with a friend of 20 years to partner in a Daycare, now known as Pumpkin Patch Daycare, located in Philadelphia PA. Her friend and partner, Amber Hainey Millman used an already established business license to help create their new business, convincing my niece this would save on both time and money. After several months in business my niece Danielle had several conversations with Ms. Millman about honoring their agreement, and legally placing her on the business. Each time Amber found a reason to delay.  Around 2009/2010, Amber began hiding information from Danielle, it was during this time Amber began making large purchases, including but not limited to, a new home, pool, new furniture, 2nd home at the shore, and several vehicles.  My niece realized something was just not right, and worried that funds had been embezzled from their business. In 2012 Danielle insisted that Amber follow through with their agreement, and as a result Amber ordered Danielle from the business, stating Danielle would get nothing.

Please sign this petition asking the judge to do what is right and force Ms. Millman to follow through with the agreement she had with Ms. DeLange, regarding the partnership involvoling Pumpkin Patch Daycare. In addition, allow all the financial records to be audited and fully investigated. Important information to note: When Ms. Millman ordered Ms. DeLange from their business, Amber also evicted Danielle from a home she had been renting to her, leaving Danielle with nothing. These were heartless acts committed by Amber Hainey Millman. Please help us and sign our petition. Thank you Paul Grauber

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